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  • Dr. Jon is very gentle and compassionate. My family comes here for more than 20 years and all of us are very satisfied with his work. - Judy D.
  • My two daughters love Dr. Mona. They just got their braces completed and look so different. What a huge change in their smile. Just wow. - Kathrene S.


  • I have changed 7 dental offices in the last 15 years. Some were rough while others were just incompetent. At one place, the wait time used to be almost 1 - 1.5 hours! My fillings and crowns had to be redone so many times. And they used to charge me for redo's. I dreaded going to them since I don't have insurance and had to pay a lot. Fortunately, my friend referred me to this place. Dr. Ma evaluated my teeth thoroughly and told me in detail which teeth can be saved and which ones are beyond repair and need to be taken out. I got everything fixed now and am very thankful to my doctors here. By the way, there is no specialist/periodontist who does american made implants at their prices. - Alexander B.


  • All other dentists were telling me to pull out all my teeth saying that I had advance gum disease. Dr. Ma did gum surgeries on me and saved my teeth. Thanks to him, I still have most of my own teeth. - Betty B.








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